Why Iran

Indeed, Iran was a surprise this year.

I still remember how stepping out of Imam Khomeini Airport felt so unreal, how unbelievable it was to actually be in Iran. My family and colleagues were bewildered and shocked when I told them about my plans for Iran. Especially with how the media portrays the nation, one might think that it is governed by extremists determined to annihilate the West. This is an unavoidable narrative when you talk about Iran but such assumptions were far from the truth.


Iran is a joy for any traveller as there many places to discover. From the charismatic and rebellious Tehran, to opulent cities of Shiraz and Isfahan onto blistering, desert cities Yazd and Kerman. It’s perfect for art and architecture enthusiasts.

For instance, Nasir-ol-molk Mosque is a crowd favourite and one can see why.  I remember arriving early in the morning. The mosque was a sight to behold, enchantingly beautiful with the whole area bathed in vivid colours flowing through the stained glass windows. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is another masterpiece which left me speechless with its design and colours of blues. Yazd’s array of handicrafts could also bring out one’s interest in interior design.




My camera is full of vibrant scenes from the bazaars, deserts and historical buildings while my mind still buzzes from what I’ve learned about the nation’s history, most notably about the feats of Iranian architecture. Perhaps, the most unforgettable for me would be the hospitality, kindness and the friendly smiles I have received from Iranians during this trip.






This photo essay was put together by the talented Anne Tachado.

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  1. It truly is unfortunate that the West paints Iran in such a negative light. I’d love to have had the opportunity to see the country and I’ve never met one person from the region who wasn’t kind and friendly

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