The Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is known as the great Minnesota Get Together for good reason.

Remarkably over 2,000,000 people will visit the Fair during its 10 days.  By day the crowds can be overwhelming.

By night there’s space. In the soft shadows of neon light teenagers flirt, families buy a late night snack, and a solitary ticket vendor waits on their final sale.

Photo Aug 26, 11 11 16 PM

Photo Aug 26, 11 13 11 PM

Photo Aug 26, 10 34 35 PM

Photo Aug 26, 10 46 10 PM

Photo Aug 26, 10 17 36 PM

Photo Aug 26, 11 25 21 PM

This photo essay was put together by Peter Ormand.

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Featured image by John Jackson on Unsplash

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