People of drought

For World Water Week.

Video and words by Lior Sperandeo.

Unsafe water kills more people than war.

I was caught off guard when I heard these statistics. I grew up in a country that lacks in water and is rich in war and I always thought we had it bad. However, in 2017, with all our access to knowledge, there are hundreds of millions of people without any access to clean drinking water, and that just doesn’t sit right.

The burden is taken upon women and children. They spend their days traveling long distances in search of their only option, contaminated water. This not only affects their health, but also robs them of the opportunity to receive education or any particular profession, resulting in an indefinite cycle of poverty.

I was privileged enough to follow Innovation: Africa, a non governmental organization that provides clean drinking water in remote African villages.. Their work is what inspired me to create this short film, in hopes of raising the awareness this matter deserves.

Witnessing a child, from foraging water through filthy puddles to drinking free flowing tap water for the first time, is a moment that will forever be engraved in my memory.

There are still 663 million people living without access to clean drinking water.

This is a problem we should all strive to solve, in our lifetime.

This piece was put together by Lior Sperandeo.

Find out more about Lior’s amazing work ~
Site: Lior Sperandeo
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Featured image by Dan Gold on Unsplash.

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