People I met in Turkey and the UAE

Livia Chan takes us to meet the people of Turkey and the UAE in her 88 series – People I met.

About a year ago, I picked up quite a serious camera and have not put it down since.

During this time, I feel my photographic vision has changed. My goal now is to try capture what I see, whether it be beauty, a look, a moment or a story to share with others.

This is a collection of some of my portraits and stories from my travels around Turkey and the UAE.


It is quite late in the Souk, but there is one shop that does not look like it will be closing soon. The owner is standing outside. He tells me proudly that the shop is new and they are just completing the finishing touches of the fittings. I see a laborer who is welding the sign for the shop front, a migrant worker. The laborer looks up and there is something that compels me to ask him for a portrait. The owner, believes that I am asking him begins to pose and I must awkwardly explain that I was wanting a photo of the laborer.

The owner quickly accepts on the laborer’s behalf and directs him where to stand, as though it was his idea all along.

22_The Laborer in the Souk - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Laborer in the Souk – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Istanbul is different for every person. For me, Istanbul is the Bosphorus, the connection between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Europe and Asia.

23_It_s my City - Istanbul, Turkey
It’s My City – Istanbul, Turkey
24_A Family Portrait - Istanbul, Turkey
A Family Portrait – Istanbul, Turkey

They asked me to take a photo using their phone. I liked it so much that I asked them for a photo.

25_Happiness Asked Me to Stay a Kid for a While - Istanbul - Turkey
Happiness Asked me to Stay a Kid for a While – Istanbul, Turkey

26_A Fisherman - Istanbul, Turkey

This photo essay was put together by Livia Chan.

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Featured image by John T on Unsplash

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