1st to 3rd world

Throughout my life I was born and raised in the States.

However being Fil-am, I was more engaged in American culture but I had that sprinkle of Filipino in me. And at this point in time, I was never really into trying new things, letting go of my fears, and meeting new people.


Once I hit the age of 18, I finally took off to the Philippines for college to study nursing.

This was honestly a big change for me because by the time I chose this path  I was more lost than ever. Once I settled down in the City of Pines, Baguio, I was of course homesick and experienced a distinct culture shock. But honestly after making friends, creating moments, and doing things out of my comfort zone, I actually learned how to make these moments golden.



This is when I started getting into the art of photography. As I engage with the deeper roots of my culture, I began to develop a more wholesome appreciation of the traditions, morals, and the amazing places that I have been able to explore.



Honestly one thing I can say is about traveling in the Philippines is that it is quite cheap. I would highly recommend anybody who’s on a budget to take a vacation to the beaches, the mountains, and the deserts of the Philippines.

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