Thick line of individuality

 You do not have an obligation to anyone. But you have an obligation to be true. So just say Yes when you mean it. Say No because it is the truth. Do not be hindered just because what you want deviates from theirs. Do not be afraid to express what your desires are. And more importantly, know what you really want. In doing so, know who you really are. Do not confuse what you want with what others want for you. The choices we make are the ones that make us. So have your own, make your own, and be yourself.

You do not have to explain why you did it. Nor tell them where you went. They do not have to understand your reasons. As long as you do not offend, abuse, disrespect another soul, it should be fine. It is up to you anyways – on how deep you want other people be involved with you. To me, “involvement” is a vague, sensitive word. Your reason may not coincide with theirs, but to me, you can still be deeply involved with someone even if they do not know your whereabouts all the time. To me, if you connect with them even without words, explanations, and validations, the relationship is deep and lasting.

You do not have to be with someone every time. You do not need to feel guilty just because you said Yes to yourself and No to them. Remember that, to some extent, it is okay to be selfish and just be with yourself. It is your body, it is your mind, it is your heart. Speak with your truths. Own it. Love it. Show it. You see, love is a mixture of being selfish and selfless. And to fully develop that love, you have to perfect the balance. Finding that thin line will be hard. It is like riding on a bicycle for the first time and learning it. You may get bruised along the process. You may hurt yourself and the others because of the wrong turns. You may stumble on rocks from time to time. But once you master it, it will be with you forever. It will be imprinted in your character.

You do not have to rush yourself. If you do not know yourself very well yet, that is just fine. But it does not mean it is also fine to do nothing. Meet places. Meet people. Meet yourself. It is a lot of work but one that is worth sweating for. Explore the World around you and the Universe inside of you with all that you’ve got. Whatever your motivation is, keep it burning. Finding than thin line of balance is finding that thick line of individuality. And the Finding is not rushed. It is a slow, sure process. It is an evolution of all your edges that will come to light all at once.

This week’s guest writer is Katreena Pillejera – find more of her stuff here ~
Instagram: @loveafterlove_



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