So the night out in Roppongi from the previous day (blog post here) turned into an excursion – we didn’t return back to our hostel till 6:30am the next day. We slept a couple hours then had to make our way towards Fuji.

Many regrets.

But I thought this post would a good opportunity to talk about an awesome benefit that comes with travelling – meeting new people!


In the last few months, I’ve been moving around a ton of countries (Cambodia, Namibia, Japan) and have met a whole heap of people with intriguing stories and insights into life.

Not only that – meeting new people has fed into my own understandings of the world. When you meet people, you are challenged; to understand new ways of thinking whilst sharing parts of yourself with others that you’ve met in a short space of time.


And in a world where our lives are defined by comfortable routine, travel represents an enigmatic paradox.

Humans need other humans in order to flourish, but we are also protective of ourselves and therefore fail to trust easily.
Being on the road, and sometimes on your own, requires you to navigate that paradox in order to maximize the travel experience.


Hence why we came home at 6:30am.
Because even though we were knackered after a long day exploring the various districts in Tokyo, we knew that meeting new people and sharing in collective experiences would only serve to make the memories of this trip better.


And 4 days in – the bar has been set high for the rest of the trip to come.

*I would also love to hear about your travel experiences – who are some people that you’ve met and what crazy adventures did all of you get up to!

Comment down below!


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  1. Thanks for the follow earlier. Been reading your Japan blogs with interest as after Cambodia we go to Vietnam and then onto Japan – so will keep reading!

    We’ve not had too many crazy experiences yet as we’ve mainly been in rural settings volunteering, however, today we start traveling on our own so I expect the madness to start!

    Keep up the fun!

    • appreciate the love in return!

      Yeah i volunteered in cambodia for a week – then travelled around for a week!
      Japan was awesome, hopefully you’ll get something out of the blogs!

  2. Love Roppongi! Gas Panic was a highlight, all the bar staff dancing on the bar and spraying us with fire extinguishers…..epic! Watched the sumos training in a little suburban house on the outskirts of Tokyo too….. one of the best experiences I’ve had overseas. Enjoy ya trip 👍

  3. “When you meet people, you are challenged; to understand new ways of thinking whilst sharing parts of yourself with others that you’ve met in a short space of time.”, I couldn’t agree more!

    I have many times found myself sharing deep thoughts or ideas and important,personal stuff about myself with a totalstranger that I have never seen again. Feels like the greatest and the shortest friendship at the same time, and it only happens when I am travelling or when I find a person that is travelling in my country.

    Enjoy your journey!! <3

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