Interview: Samuel Okocha – Part II

In the second part of Samuel Okocha’s conversation with The 88 – we talk about making the most of what you’ve got and his top three Nigerian delicacies.

*This interview was transcribed from The 88’s podcast interview with Sam.
Consequently, the content has been edited where appropriate.

I think its important for people to know that prior to us talking it actually took us a long time to get the conversation underway – there were a whole host of technical issues including the fact that certain times of the night there is simply no power!

What do you have to say to those who have more than you but bemoan their own situations as reasons for not doing?

Look, you have no excuse to fail.

Everything is on you – you have to make things happen for yourself. I grew up in a society where people are quick to criticise; for example criticising the government for things not happening. Look at yourself, if it means doubling down on your work – so be it!

When I worked on a US radio show as a correspondent, I would go to a place with excellent Wifi service. Then I’d go to the toilet for a silent space to contribute to the show!

This is just an example of maximising opportunity regardless of where you are in the world!

Three people that are inspiring you right now?

  • Brendan O Se (@Fotopunctuation)
    An Irish photographer that is a huge mentor to me!
  • Eric Kim (twitter: @erickimphoto)
    I love his creative process that underpins his work!
  • Michael Rosenblum (@Rosenblumtv) and Dr. David D-Gyima (@viewmagazine)
    Michael Rosenblum for his work in demystifying video journalism  with his popular 5 shot method and Dr. David Gyima, a Ghanaian evangelist of Cinema Journalism which entails deploying techniques from cinema in non fiction storytelling.

Three things that people should know about Nigeria

  • Nigeria is a diverse country
    We have over 200 ethnic groups flowing into different cultures, religions and of course, food!
  • Nigeria is a not a rogue country!
    We have amazing people in Nigeria! We do have our issues – but there are issues everywhere in the world!
  • Nigeria is a land of opportunity
    This is a country with the largest population in Africa with a growing population of young people reflecting a widening consumer class! We are vibrant and exciting which reflects in our arts and music.

Three different Nigerian delicacies that the world should know about:

  • Pounded yam and egusi
    There is a bit of class associated with pounded yam; it is a little more expensive due to the time it takes to be made!
  • Fufu and egusi soup
    A very popular delicacy, egusi soup is made from melon seeds. It is often consumed with fufu, often made with yams or cassava
  • Jollof
    Nigerian peppered rice mixed with tomato paste

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