Interview: Louis Lammertyn – Part 2

Louis talks to us about his three favourite Belgian delicacies and the big reasons for his transition into documentary photography.

*This interview was transcribed from The 88’s podcast interview with Louis.
Consequently, the content has been edited where appropriate.

Three of your favourite Belgian delicacies:

– zeevruchten; chocolate seashells
– friet met joppie; fries and joppie sauce
– frikandel; Belgian sausage – it’s not healthy at all but a guilty pleasure kinda food!

Three people inspiring you right now:

Ryan Cheng (Founder of The 88 – thanks Louis!)
Sebastiaan Franco (Belgian photographer)
Rudi Vranckx (Belgian journalist & film maker)

Three reasons you do what you do:

– Purpose; this is more a feeling but translates into drive
– the power of photography to change
– Fun; its the pleasure of taking the photos and the post production process of seeing your photos come to life – its just enjoying the process!

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Louis Lammertyn is a documentary photographer and sustainability consultant from Belgium.

Find out more about his work ~
Site: Louis Lammertyn
Instagram: @lammertyn

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