Interview: Emma Hall – Part 2

Emma tells us about the three people inspiring her right now.

*This interview was transcribed from The 88’s podcast interview with Emma.
Consequently, the content has been edited where appropriate.

Three people that are inspiring you right now.

(i) Nicole Tung

(ii) Geraldine Hope Ghelli

(iii) Bieke Depoorter

Three bands or musicians you are listening to right now.

(i) Kendrick Lamar

(ii) The 1975

(iii) Dermont Kennedy

Three pieces of advice for young creatives in this space.

(i) Do it for yourself. Make the decision for yourself to go.

(ii) Do it for your subject.

(iii) Don’t let others influence your process, or what you take photos of. It’s really hard not to recreate what others are doing – especially with Instagram and stuff – its okay to get ideas from elsewhere but don’t let others influence what you photograph.

If you find a piece of garbage on the street, with interesting light on it, take the picture. It doesn’t matter what people on Instagram are gonna think.

There’s beauty in the most ordinary things; and that’s when you really start to appreciate life.


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Emma is a documentary photographer based in the USA.

Find out more about her work ~
Instagram: @efranciswork

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