Entering Western Asia

In January I traveled solo to Iran for a twenty day street photography adventure; maybe not your typical holiday destination.

Here’s what I witnessed on my journey.

I was asked constantly by my friends, “Hey Dewi, where are you going next?”

When I said Iran, the response was varied:

“What’s wrong with you Dewi?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Are you going to join ISIS?”

“Are you going to war?”

“Be careful you might not return home, or maybe die there haha.”

I decided to just gonna ignore all these comments.


Many people have the mindset that Iran is dangerous, not safe, that it’s crazy to even think of visiting the country. This made me even more curious to experience Iran for real and not just daydream about being there from watching YouTube or Vimeo documentary videos.

The media has portrayed Iran as a country of terrorists, with George W. Bush listing Iran as part of the “Axis of Evil” bordered by unstable countries.

For a long time now, I’ve been obsessed with the middle east and central Asia and thought Iran would be a good start. Having asked around; checking with many travel bloggers, seeking out couch surfing hosts and watching documentary videos – the results were always positive. I don’t check the news because it doesn’t always tell you the full story. Often, they highlight the negative parts.

I trust travel bloggers, they keep it real.


In truth, Iran really is a street-photographers dreamland.

Every moment is a photo opportunity.

My goal was to capture the beauty of this country and to see the world through a different lens, to meet people and experience places that challenge my preconceptions on a journey through a land that has much to teach.

I was able to experience the positive side of Iran and its wonderful people, up close and personal, during my trip there.


This photo essay was put together by Dewi Natalia.

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