Climbing Table Mountain

There are moments, when we have to make choices:
~ what to eat for dinner?
~ what movie to watch?


Decision making is tough.
So much rides on it.
The right decision can make your day, brighten up the lives around you.
However a wrong decision, well, we’ve all been there.

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And as we stood at the base of Table Mountain, we had a choice:
~ hike up or cable car up.


It was 2 in the afternoon, the sun was beating down (the sun was crazy hot in South Africa) and I had just eaten some spicy Thai food for lunch 20mins ago.


So –
The cable car was the logical and obvious choice.

And yet, we decided that it be a good idea to hike it – with the reasoning being:
‘When in South Africa right?’


I have a love/hate relationship with hikes, I just have to be incentivised.
1000 steps – I want to get Maccas after, like give me something to work for.
But the incentive here was ‘When in South Africa’

and also that we were getting fish and chips after! (which was amazingly fresh and delicious)

But the climb itself was incredibly rewarding, and we met some amazing characters on the way up.

It was funny, it was like everyone who was climbing up or down the mountain was bonding through our common struggle:
~ it was effin’ hot
~ we were low key hatin’ it yet lovin’ the views



The most memorable interaction was with this group of South African girls who, while climbing down the mountain – were singing beautifully.
Bruno Mars, Queen, other songs by famous artists.

Through the fatigue, dehydration and drops of sweat that singed my eyes, their voices – which reverberated through the mountainous valleys – lifted my exhausted spirit.


And when we made it to the top, the views were worth the hike.



Sometimes the natural beauty in this world, can simply become the background to our lives that we forget to appreciate it.

And its to no fault of our own.
Life happens – mountains and trees become less important than bills, food and trying to keep up with them Kardashian’s.


But I’ll say this
Being out in the world, disconnected, even for a moment
Allows us to understand the curious paradox of human existence –
we are so small in such a large world
yet have such incredible potential for positive change.

Oh also, the sunset behind Table Mountain was pretty incredible too.




Ryan Cheng is the founder of The 88, and is passionate about telling stories surrounding travel, culture and identity.

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  1. The hikes are always worth it 😛 Great shots and 10/10 gif usage – I know some people are anti-gifs for bloggers but I’m totally on board!

  2. Wow, looks like an incredible adventure with a great story! That view of the city blows my mind—so big! Haha, I know what you mean about a love-hate relationship with climbing. I’ve only ever climbed a volcano(too flat where I’m from so fewer opportunities), but that’s like me and extreme exercise, lol. Like in the moment sometimes, it’s like, “Why did I do this?” but you get done and the next day, you just don’t feel right if you’re not torturing yourself with another long bike ride or whatever. Something addictive about it, haha.

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