Mfuwe Village

On today’s The 88 piece, Aviva Kosto takes us back into nature and walks us through the Mfuwe Village of wonderful Zambia.


Zambia is an inexplicably beautiful country.

I can’t say anything more cliché than “pictures don’t do it justice”, but I also couldn’t say anything more true.

In the span of two weeks, I had the opportunity to catch a mere glimpse of what South Luangwa National Park and the neighboring Mfuwe village had to offer. A man by the name of Bwalya was our jeep driver, and he was one of the most knowledgeable guides I’d ever met. Besides being a warm and humorous guy, his consistent stream of factoids about seemingly mundane things made every little piece of the trip extraordinarily interesting.

His portrait is pictured below.

Getting to know about his family, his 3-year old girl, and the rest of the Mfuwe village was nothing short of heartwarming. One of the more amazing things about the trip was being able to watch the wildlife and animals interact with each other: Mother baboons carried babies on their stomachs, waterbucks battled for mates, and leopards preyed on impala. The list is endless.

I hope that the pictures in this collection inspire awe and admiration for the country of Zambia, and for nature itself.









This photo essay was put together by Aviva Kosto.

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Featured image by Kyle Sterk on Unsplash

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