A Guide’s guide: Morocco Part II

Samir Aithammou was Ryan’s guide around the stunning Atlas Mountains in Morocco. During their 6 day trek today, Ryan handed Samir a camera allowing him to document local life through his own eyes.

A note from the Founder ~

The “A Guide’s guide” series was created the moment Samir asked if he could use my camera to take some photos. It began with people he knew from the local villages, to a tree that apparently has been standing for over 800 years near his childhood home.

The photos Samir ended up taking provided insight into local life that I couldn’t possibly have garnered or captured on my own. It is said that if you want to know what people hold dear, see what they take photos of.

In Samir’s second instalment, there is a strong focus on the livestock found within the area. Samir explained to me that local livelihoods were dependent on what could be grown and nurtured in the mountainous Atlas region. The reliance on livestock and crop for not only sustenance but also as a means of movement across the region echoes an age old symbiotic relationship between man and wild.

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The photos in this piece were taken by Moroccan guide Samir Aithammou.

Foreword by Ryan Cheng, Founder of The 88.

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Featured image by B. Boer on Unsplash

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