Given the current political tension within the region, this submission represents a lot more than another 88 submission.

Currently in the West Bank, Peter Toubro gives us an unfettered and uncensored glimpse into the life of locals.

Sheep herding in the desert.
Palestinian vendor and Israeli policeman.
A street vendor challenges a tourist to a friendly match of arm wrestling.
Was walking around East Jerusalem two days ago when I saw a casket being carried to a cemetery, I asked a random bystander for the name of the person and was told his name was Hameed. That’s all I know.
A night view of the lights of houses in partly Bethlehem and neighbouring Beit Jala.
Abu Sameer, farmer living in the Jordan Valley.
Jerusalem was pretty windy.
Al-Azza refugee camp, Bethlehem.
From the 2017 protests during the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.
Al-Azza, Bethlehem.


This compelling photo essay was put together by Peter Toubro.

Find out more about Peter and his incredible work ~
Instagram: @ptoubro

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