Thanks to everyone that got involved with the last Q&A – it had been awhile and I had forgotten how fun they were!

Just less than a week ago, I broke my ankle and I opened the Q&A with ‘How many of you have your bones broken?’ and it appears it was no one! I was so sure that I’d get someone to share in my pain haha!!! So I got no advice on how to past the time sadly 😦 But I’m glad none of you have to experience this – touch wood!!

But thank you for all the comments and emails – now to your questions!!

Thanks again for being a part of this and please keep engaging with those around you!

1) Where’s the next destination you’re planning to go to?
I’m heading to France (Paris) for my cousins wedding mid April then Morocco and Spain 🙂

So if anyone’s around those places give us a shout!!! Would love to link up and travel around with some locals!!

2) What’s one stereotype people make of your country?
When people find out I’m Australian, the funniest stereotype is either that we ride Kangaroos to work or, we have drop bears that fall from trees! Those are the two funniest stereotypes of Australia that others came brought up with me.

3) Any languages you’d like to learn and why?
I’d love to learn French because I’m heading there soon, and I’ve heard that in France not many people speak English – so better get a move on there!

4) Who is a writer that inspires you?
A writer that inspires me is Eddie Huang, he writes a lot about his experience as an Asian immigrant living in the US. Being an Asian immigrant living in Australia, I engage with his stories and experiences. His conversational nature and tone is so unique and I really respect what he does with his writing.

5) What is a quote that inspires you?

“At some point, when you create yourself to make it, you’re going to have to either let that creation go, and take a chance on being loved or hated for who you really are, or you’re gonna have to kill who you really are…and fall into your grave grasping onto a character that you never were.”
~ Jim Carrey


  1. French is a great language to learn; I would say that you can easily get by with English, though, in Paris, since it’s such an international city– but a few words like “bonjour” and “merci” go a long way! Morocco and Spain are fantastic– hope you have fun there!

    …love Eddie Huang, by the way!

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      1. Depends on the cities you plan to go to! Love the Andalusia region in Spain and Barcelona. Not the biggest fan of Madrid, but I love its food!

        Marrakesh and Fez are the main cities to go in Morocco; you can also do an overnight stay or two in the Sahara desert. Do a day trip to Chefchaouen from Fez– it’s absolutely gorgeous, and you must go!

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      2. I did them with a friend, but it might’ve been better to go with a guy (both of us are women), since Moroccan culture tends to be masculine-oriented, so we got cat-called a lot. As a man, you probably won’t have much problems, although people might ask “where you are from?,” because of being Asian.

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  2. You don’t ride kangaroos to work? 😉
    You’ll be fine in Paris though. Most people speak English, I’d still recommend trying to learn some basics but it won’t be an issue if you don’t know any French.

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      1. Maybe I just got lucky in the places I was visiting whilst in Paris but it’s a multi-cultural & touristy city so like most big cities caters to the English.
        It’ll be appreciated if you know some French but I didn’t struggle in my two days there, nor did I find the French as rude as people have you believe.

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