All of you must be used to the fact now that the UAE lives by the ‘go big or home’ attitude.

The malls are absolutely massive, the buildings are the tallest in the world, and the hotels only consist of the finest rooms and trappings.

In Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace is no different.

When you enter, the lights are set to warm, dim glow. In the middle of the reception floor is a giant golden Christmas – still set up from the Christmas recently gone. The baubles and other trinkets undoubtedly coated in fine gold.



Hanging along the walls were massive rugs – hand sewn and stitched for the Palace. The attention to detail is astounding.


Most of the time, heads of state and dignitaries who visit the UAE are housed here – in rooms fit for a king. Literally though – next to the Emirates Palace is another palace where the leaders of the country reside.

As I walked around the magnificent halls, I was preoccupied with not knocking over the golden vases or bumping into the marble table tops. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, the riches within the gulf nation are boundless. But I’ll never stop being in awe – every day it seems a competition is taking place between sights – who can out do and top the other.

And believe me, the Emirates Palace is as memorable a sight can get.


Ryan Cheng is the founder of The 88, and is passionate about telling stories surrounding travel, culture and identity.

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