Today, we hopped on a bus bound for Abu Dhabi – another vibrant city within the vast UAE.

During the bus ride, I caught a glimpse of life outside of the major cities. The little towns scattered around the flat, sandy outskirts seem to have been frozen in time. As cranes tower around them – expanding the reach of big city life – clumps of brick houses stick together defiantly, as life meanders along around them.

The highlight upon arriving in Abu Dhabi has to definitely be visiting the absolutely incredible Sheik Zayed Mosque.

I was in awe of the absolute grandeur the Mosque exuded.


Through all my travels, I’ve never visited a site quite like this.

Tourists and worshippers alike were sprawled throughout the entire complex – a hive of activity. And as the call to prayer rang out, the crowd dispersed as worshippers entered the glittering halls to pray.



It became quite clear to me the spiritual importance of this stunning mosque, a testament to the faith that exists within society. I always have an admiration for nations that have a stream of faith, which binds the people together – a common sense of unity that is unwavering regardless of time or place.

And that’s something we could use, now more than ever.

Till next time xx


Ryan Cheng is the founder of The 88, and is passionate about telling stories surrounding travel, culture and identity.

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