Thank you all for the questions you left in the comments and emailed through! It means a lot – now lets get to it!

  1. What are your holiday plans? Staying at home or travelling?
    Well, there’s the obvious stuff – family time over Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas, when everyone is together, breaking bread together, sharing the love! And after that, I head to Sorrento (a place along the Victorian coast) for a week before flying out to Dubai for a week and a bit, which I’m really looking forward to!
  2. First word that comes to mind in 2017
    Challenging – for two reasons. I think the places I travelled to were incredibly out of my comfort zone, volunteering in one of the poorest areas in Cambodia or travelling to townships in South Africa. In some ways it was confronting my own privilege head on, and coming to an appreciation for everything in my life.Secondly, starting full time work has been really tough. Learning how to ‘adult’ while balancing my creative endeavours and dreams has been a real learning curve. You might’ve noticed on the blog even – the consistency of content has been on and off! But I feel that I’ve got a better grasp on the balance required so be ready for next year!
  3. Do you tend to stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year or just go to sleep?
    Definitely stay up till midnight! We always stay up to watch the fireworks – and its something I look forward to!
  4. I listened to your radio interview – what was it like moving to Australia from Singapore?
    I think the move wasn’t that big a deal to me when it was happening – I was 10 and it was incredibly exciting! I look back now and think about my experiences, I would not change them for anything. Navigating life as a migrant in Australia has taught me show much and shaped me for the better.

  5. Would you write more about your experiences growing up?
    This is a question that has come up a lot actually! I’ve heard incredible migrant stories that have resonated with me, and for my stories to have that impact on people is humbling! But if you guys get something out of it, I’ll keep drawing from my own experiences!

    So for 2018 – Chink in the armour – will be a section on my blog dedicated to talking about my experiences growing up, how I navigated race and culture as a migrant, and the lessons that I’ve learnt in the process.

    So keep your eyes peeled for that!!

  6. Are you headed anywhere next year?
    Apart from Dubai, I’ve also got trip to France, Spain and Morocco planned – if any of you are there lemme know!

Featured image by Anton Darius | Sollers on Unsplash


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