Big shoutout to everyone who got involved with the weekly chats – got some really great answers!!

Now to answers the questions posted:

  1. What’s one thing you like/dislike about your home country?
    So my home country is the tiny island of Singapore and there are many positive and negative things I remember from my time there.I’ll begin with the negative thing – I dislike the intense focus on academic achievements society puts on the youth. When I was growing up, I will never forget how all my friends had tuition for hours after school ended and how they would cry if their scores were less than the perfect A. I remember one year, we had a ‘leaderboard’ at the back of our classroom, outlining in academic terms who was leading the class, and who wasn’t. Demoralising to say the least – I found that as a young boy simply trying to understand himself in the world – this overt sense of duty to achieve incredibly all the time, made life as a young boy in Singapore very difficult.

    However, Singapore has it redeeming features too!

    One thing is miss dearly is the food! Singapore is one of the countries where multiculturalism is really emphasised – and it truly reflects in the food. With such a diverse range of cuisine, I haven’t been to another country that has been able to do food like Singapore!


  2. Any new writing projects lately? If so, what are they?
    Actually, at this point, I haven’t got any new writing projects planned. I’ve got some pieces written waiting to be posted – and still trying to think up new pieces to write for the Huffington Post.HOWEVER – I would love to hear what ideas you might have! What might you like to read? What might you like to see me delve into? Especially those of you that are engaging with me consistently – I’d love to write pieces that interest you in particular!

    I find being consistent on this platform is the biggest challenge, and sometimes what you need is other to hold you accountable! So any ideas, shoot them my way!!! I would love to hear them all!!!

    Photo by Viktor Kiryanov on Unsplash
  3. Do you budget travel? Have you got tips for doing so?
    I do budget for travel! I believe it’s so important to go away knowing exactly how to live within your means!My biggest piece of advice is really plan where you’re going to stay in advance. I know plans may always change, but just having a couple of places in mind means you can budget for your accommodation before hitting the road!!

    Also, the more you save on accomm, the more you have to invest in other travel experiences!!! I personally love hostel life, not only is it affordable but also because hostels are great social hotspots where you can meet likeminded travellers, and who knows, you might even plan some adventures with them too!

    Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

    Feature image by on Unsplash

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