Happy Monday everybody! Hope you’ve all had an incredibly restful weekend!!
And a special thanks to Rebecca for this weeks questions!!! She gave some great answers to the questions I had posted a couple days ago – I would recommend going to my latest post and giving them a read 🙂

Now to answer her questions:
1) Any interest in visiting France? If so, which places?
Funnily enough, I’ve actually got plans to go to France in April next year! My cousin is getting married in Paris, so I’ll definitely be there! In terms of other spots around France, I haven’t really given it much thought.

I would love to catch a PSG (Paris Saint Germain the local soccer team) game if possible and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the coastal towns and cities like Nice, nothing like a bit of sun and sand!

Erring on the dangerous side though, I’ve heard there a some rough places, most notably in Marseille. Almost like secluded cultural ghettos, I’d be interested to learn how the culture in these areas have been able to grow removed from the rest of French society. For instance, how it impacts language and behaviour – especially in youth culture. But I’ve gotta be with someone who knows where to go and stuff, because I’ve been warned about Marseille’s notoriety.

Photo by Loic Djim on Unsplash

2) Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
Excellent question! I really think I’m both – but like 70% introvert / 30% extrovert. I really really suck at new social situations – like if I’m meeting someone for the first time, or starting a new job – I’m real terrible at small talk and just get all panicky and weird haha!

On the other hand, if I’m comfortable and with people I’m incredibly familiar with, I become overwhelmingly extroverted! In those instances, I love a good laugh and the feeling of connectedness relationships bring really mean a lot to me!

But the skew is in favour of introversion as I do enjoy my own company and find serenity in a bit of silent contemplation! Also, I get hella tired after social interactions, so there’s that too!

Photo by jesse williams on Unsplash

3) How is working treating you so far? Any plans to travel soon?
Look, work has been excellent and I cannot complain a bit! I work at a Marketing Agency and have learnt a ton of different skills that have really informed my own writing and online practices!

I do miss the freedom of the road, and being able to dedicate time to photography and writing…However, I know this job is a great pathway into a career that will feed my creative drive, so I am happy to grind away!

In terms of travel plans, like I said above, France next April – but I’ve got a couple weeks off over the Christmas/New Years break and am currently trying to decide where to go!!
I would love some suggestions!!! But at the moment thinking either Burma or Morocco!!
Thanks again to Bec for the questions – and if any of you have other questions or just want to join the discussion – leave your comments below!!

Till next time – have an amazing week 🙂

Photo by Oliver Thomas Klein on Unsplash

Featured image by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash.


  1. That’s so great you’re coming to France! Paris and Nice are pleasant, and I wouldn’t let Marseille’s reputation deter you from visiting; I’ve been there twice and felt safe– it’s also one of my favorite cities in France! Let me know once you visit; I’ll be around to meet up!

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  2. I lived in Morocco for 6 months, so I highly recommend going there! I know of some good places to visit also if you find yourself wanting to travel there next. I enjoyed this post though! I myself am more introverted as well. I am curious to know how that affects your traveling since there are a lot of interactions with strangers? Do you have something unique that you do to recharge while abroad?


    1. Oh would love to get your advice about morocco!! I would love to meet locals and stuff – just an authentic human experience!!

      And in terms of introversion – when I’m on the road, I find it still takes time for me to reach out and engage with others – which really annoys me!! But I often just force myself to engage with others, it’s part of the experience after all! Plus having my camera provides a little bit of a shield haha!

      To recharge I always make sure I get some quiet time in before bed – just to reflect on how I’m feeling and get myself in order for the next day. Not especially unique but helpful nonetheless!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting!! Can’t wait to hear more from you!!


      1. Ryan! What is the best way to contact you for information about Morocco? Is it possible to connect you through messenger on facebook with some of my dear Moroccan friends? The plus side is most of my friends know Arabic and English so they would be able to help you have some wonderful experiences. They are also different types of people that love their country and would talk to you about their likes and dislikes, the history, and show you to some incredible places.

        I can give you a list of places that were my favorite! How much time will you have there?

        I appreciate your thoughts on introversion too! I find it still takes me time to reach out and engage also but I try to make an effort to more and more since I know it is not one of my strengths.

        That is wonderful though. Time for some solitude is essential. I find I am trying to listen to my body more and not force myself to interact if I really just need rest. It does make for a better experience overall. Reflection as you say accompanied by writing things out has helped me a lot.

        It has been a pleasant chat! Let me know the best way to reach you and I can give you some Morocco advice! That place has my heart so I would love for you to experience the best parts if possible!

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