During my latest AMA, I received a pretty heavy question in my DM’s. I’m not going to write the whole paragraph in this blog (because I feel the nature of the message was rather private), but the preamble led up to this:
How did you come to the decision to do what you do?

To be fair, it has been a question that has been posed to me rather often lately.

How do I…?
How did you…?
How can I…?

Everyone wants to know the trick, the one key thing that can change a mindset.

But the way this questions was asked, resonated with me, because the honesty and sincere desperation to know what to do with ones self – was a mirror image of me only 18 months ago.

They weren’t looking for that one thing to change their lives; they just wanted to achieve a sense of clarity.

And I hope to reciprocate their earnestness with some clarity of my own.

How did I come to the decision to do what I do?

To put it simply – trust yourself.

Like many people, I spent my school and uni life aimlessly taking classes and subjects that I thought I wanted to get to a career I thought I’d love. Then when I finally finished my Honours thesis – 23,000 words later – I felt just as lost and confused as when I started.

Throughout the Honours process, I began to get introspective and asked myself what I was truly passion about.

What drives me to do?
What fulfills me?
Where do I believe I excel?


As I began to honestly answer these questions, I believed that writing and photography were my strongest avenues of communication. Just not academic writing – as I did not pursue more thesis stuff.

But then here comes the tough bit – back yourself.

It’s one thing to go inwards and better understand yourself, it’s another thing entirely to believe wholeheartedly in your gifts and go all in.

This is where it’s make or break, because now you have to work for it.

You have to put yourself in a position to gain experience, to succeed.
You have to practice, labour, toil.
You have to be unafraid to ask, to connect, to challenge yourself.

That’s how I came to the decision to do what I do:
Trust yourself.
Work for it.

There’s no secret tip, or life changing mantra.
It is ultimately loving yourself, because when you do – your true potential can finally be realised.

I wish I had known all this when I was 18, imagine all the lost time I could make up for.
But everyday, that regret dissipates – because I’m just beginning, and that excites me!



  1. You have offered some great advice here. Thank you. I believe it took me a long time to really know who I was and what I was meant to do. You have to look inside yourself, at both strengths and weaknesses, with honesty and then put in the hard work! I hope there are those that listen and find the satisfcation you seem to have come to know!

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  2. The interesting thing about life is we ALL have a past a present and a future. Keep that in mind as you read.

    Fortunately, what was likely a relatively minor event to most of those with me, was a life-changing statement for me. One simple little phrase, taking less than 30 seconds, from the mouth of another human being to my ears, changed my life forever.

    I’ll tell the story with a bit of vagueness, for explaining it in detail can be a bit boring and even caustic to some, if they’re among those who still believe in the religion it’s about.

    I was in a group of others who, like myself, were explicitly told not to pursue people of African lineage; specifically black lineage. I knew that was their philosophy from being raised amongst them, but being told by one of their top leaders to avoid black people hit me like a truck on the freeway. And it was just the beginning of the journey I was there for, but from that point on, I questioned and researched my eyes out of their sockets and learned many, many very important life’s opportunities and choices along the way. Introspection became my mantra and it still is.

    The absolute most important (at 65 and retired, I’m substantially older than you) lesson was; if we’re to be happy, we must, in the present, use the past as a learning tool to move forward in the direction we wish to travel in the future. And when we move forward into the future, leave the past behind, remembering its lessons.

    We can’t and shouldn’t forget the past, But; those earnestly seeking a real and a truly happy life must always remember this. That’s when we can be truly happy and at peace within ourselves. And when it comes to the day we leave this life entirely, there’ll be no regrets, we’ll be satisfied with out choices and our lives..

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