Thanks Rebecca for the questions – love chatting with you!
Here are my answers!!

1) One negative aspect about travelling (and don’t say there isn’t one!)
The one negative aspect about travelling that I’ve experienced is undoubtedly, fatigue will hit. For me the travel experience is one where you have to fully immerse and embrace the entire process – but sometimes I find myself needing a day in to rest and recuperate. But in the moment, that rest day feels wasted, especially in a foreign country where I could be on the road exploring.

It’s a balance that must be struck.

2) One city/place you’ve been to that’s super touristy, but you love it all the same?
This has to be Dublin, Ireland itself is an amazingly beautiful country, but Dublin itself is pub central. I’m not a massive drinker or partier – but the people of Ireland are incredibly warm and beautiful, which made my Dublin experience absolutely incredible!!!

I was there over Christmas a couple years back now, and had a stunning time, meeting not only Dubliner’s but other travellers from around the world. There’s just an incredibly inviting vibe there, one that doesn’t make you feel like a foreigner but more like a long lost family member returning home.

Dublin is a must.

3) Describe your longest travelling experience.
My longest travelling experience has to be this year; the first 5months of this year I spent 6weeks at home. I was in and out, travelling to:
~ Singapore
~ China
~ Cambodia
~ Namibia
~ South Africa
~ Tasmania
~ Japan

In that time, I really tried to immerse in local culture and relay those experiences to all of you. But I did miss home, and have appreciated being at home for a longer period of time now.

However, I’m now getting itchy feet and am keen to hit the road once more 🙂


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