Thank you again to everyone who got involved – loving the conversations that come out of this!

Now, my turn to answer your questions!!
1) What’s the last meal you’d have during your last day on Earth?
This is a tough one – I have a ton of favourite meals. But I reckon that my last meal ever would have to be my mum’s homemade Laksa.

Laksa is this delicious coconut curry dish, with noodles, bean shoots, shredded chicken and prawns!! Literally my favourite meal of all time! But it has to be homemade for the last meal on earth!!


2) Do you enjoy hiking? If so, name one of your favourite hikes you’ve done.
I was actually not much of an outdoors person, but when I started photography, hikes began to grow on me! In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to go on some incredible hikes.

My favourite hike would have to be the Blue Mountains up in NSW, Australia. A group of friends and myself hiked up and camped along the mountain range which made for incredible views. Still the most memorable hike to date I reckon!

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3) One food from your home town/home country that you would recommend to travellers.
Look, I hate to recycle an answer – but if you have not tried Laksa, and you’re visiting Singapore, I’d give it a go! Especially if you’re a fan of spicy food, this dish is for you! If you’re in Singapore, I recommend 328 Katong Laksa – second best to my mum’s! It even has Gordon Ramsay’s seal of approval!


4) What is your favourite type of tree and why?
My favourite tree is the tree where Magic Tree House is located. Those books were my childhood and really got me into reading and writing from a very young age! So I owe that tree a lot!

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