Just a quick thank you to everyone that sent their questions in – I really am humbled by the responses and comments each week! Now – let’s get to the answers shall we!

(i) If you could learn any language, which would it be and why?
If I could learn any language it would be Mandarin. When I was growing up in Singapore I never took learning my mother tongue seriously and so never fully grasped it! And this year, after visiting family in Singapore and China, I deeply regret not being able to fully communicate with them. So it would definitely be Mandarin – just to bring my understanding of family a little tighter.

(ii) The farthest country you’ve ever travelled to and your experience from it?
The farthest country I’ve ever travelled to would have to be Namibia. Now it’s not a place I would have ever imagined visiting but it sticks out as one of my favourite locations ever! It is a country that showcases Africa’s natural beauty – golden sand dunes, deep blue atlantic coast – but also challenges you with the vast economic disparity that affects the locals. Like any country in Africa, the continent is a challenging, perspective shifting visit which I would recommend everyone.

(iii) Are you more of a city-goer or nature lover…or a bit of both?
A bit of both actually! I do love being in the wild (although I was never always like this) – but I am beginning to understand the benefit of disconnecting and reconnecting with the environment around you!

But I will say this, you will always find me with the locals, where culture lives and thrives. Every country I visit, I’m always interested in what life is like and what it is founded on. So be it a city, forest or tiny remote village, I’m there as long as I have the opportunity to connect and learn!

(iv) Is there a favourite place you want to go but probably never will?
Look, I’m really interested in visiting North Korea – but am fully aware of the delicate situation that country finds itself in. The hermit kingdom intrigues me purely because not much is known about it. I know tours are meticulously curated for visitors, but just being in the country and really taking in the unknown really piques my interest! So with that in mind, does the risk outweigh the reward? I don’t know yet, but at this point in time, I have no solid plans to visit North Korea anytime soon!

(v) What is the biggest (or most important) message you want to impart to society before you die?
This is easy – that we are more alike than we are different.

What got me to pick up a camera / start writing again was during my uni course. When I was studying criminology and politics, I realised how much divisive rhetoric exists, and to what extent it clouds social judgment and communication. So for me, with every piece of content, every photo, I want to connect all of you with new ideas, new cultures and new people, bringing bits and pieces of the world closer together.

Because when we start listening to each other – empathy is allowed to become a driving force for change!

Featured image by katie manning on Unsplash


  1. Glad to have read your answers! Mandarin was my first language, but growing up in the United States, I’ve lost a lot of it. Trying to preserve it by talking with my parents and refreshing myself through language lessons online. It’s a difficult language, but rewarding in the end– hope you can study it someday!

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