Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent their questions in!! I am incredibly humbled each and every week – to think all of you engage with me is just amazing!!

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So now to the answers!!

Q1) Where will you be heading off to next?
Well, I just started a new job so I won’t be jet-setting for the next few months sadly 😦
However, I am keen to carve some time out over Christmas/New Years and head to Burma. As I’ve said in other AMA’s, the culture there really intrigues me – a country that is beginning to open it’s borders and develop will without a doubt experience a societal shift, and I want to be there to see how locals embrace or resist it.

Q2) What are some things you often photograph on your travels.
People. I think people provide the ultimate insight into local culture. How they behave, how they interact can tell you everything you need to know about life in a given place. So yes, people are my favourite subjects while I travel!

Q3) Do you budget travel? If so, would you mind sharing a tip?
I do try budget while I travel, and I find saving on accommodation by staying in hostels saves you quite a bit! If you think about it, if you’re really hitting travel hard during the day, all you need is a shower and bed to crash at night. Therefore, you don’t really need an expensive place to stay, just somewhere to rest your head!

One thing I’ll always be willing to spend on are flights. I think – and especially for long haul flights – being comfortable in the air to either work or rest means that you can hit the ground running when you land!

So yeah, there’s a sense of dualism in that answer haha!

Q4) If there’s anyone you could meet, alive or deceased, who would it be?
Eddie Huang for sure! He’s an Asian American Chef, author, media personality – and really gave me the confidence to pursue my own passions. He does a tv show with Vice called Huang’s World, where he explores culture through food.

And as all of you are well aware, I’m incredibly interested in global culture too! But I always thought that no one would listen to my voice. However, seeing Eddie do the things he has done, gave me a sense of ownership – that as long as I did it well, I could do anything!

So yeah, I guess meeting him to say thanks would be a dream come true!

Q5) How did writing first come to you and what words you live by?
Writing first came to me when I was 8 years old, when I wrote my first novella. It was a masterpiece about how a deer and a lion became best friends – email me to buy the movie rights 😉

I’ve always been an avid reader – especially when I was young, so I think that just translated into wanting to become a writer!

And words I live by?
If it’s real, it’s familiar.

I think in the world that we live, where everything can be altered or curated, I try to make sure that everything I say, do or create is as raw and as honest as possible. I believe people can smell bullshit from miles away, but appreciate human honesty even if they don’t agree. So I always have that little mantra in my had when I work, so that I can attempt to connect with anyone and everyone!

Q6) What’s your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

Q7) When was your last time in Africa and where did you visit, your impressions?
My last and first time in Africa was in March/April when I visited South Africa and Namibia.

I mean I was terrified when I was heading across because of the way Africa has been portrayed in Western media. And while I was there I realised that the African narrative existed in stark duality.

I saw the desolation and poverty that impacted locals in such terrible ways – the way they would hustle on the streets to make ends meet, to put food on the table.

But I also saw the beauty that existed in the culture, the way community was prioritised. There was a love and appreciation that existed there that I’ve never seen before, and that gave me so much perspective about my own life.

So yeah, Africa is definitely a place I would return to!

Q8) What makes you happy on vacation?
Learning makes me happy on vacation – but I wouldn’t use the word vacation to describe the trips I take haha!

My trips are focused on learning about new cultures and engaging with locals. On the ground, I suffocate and thrive in the discomfort of being out of my comfort zone. But that’s what makes me incredibly happy – because I know when I do return I’ve become connected to one more spot on our earth!

And in a world where we are often more disconnected than we realise, making true human connections remind me that we are all each other have – and to not take that for granted.


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