In the modern world today – we are all interconnected.
In a sense, we are never alone.
Even when we are alone, we are connected to our 794 friends on Facebook or our 335 Twitter followers.
But when Christina left for Germany today, I never felt more alone than that moment.

And not because I’d miss her – because I will (and do).
But because I was in a non english speaking – foreign country, with no sim card and now, no company for the next few days (thankfully only for the next few days).

Having read a few pieces on solo travel recently, I can empathise with the struggles of being alone on the road.

However, I think there’s a fine line between feeling sorry for yourself before you have to begin putting yourself out there.

And as I was on the train back to my hostel – I decided that I better get ahead of it – and set up camp in the common area.

Best decision ever.

It was here where I met Theo – a philosophy student from Paris – and we ended up travelling around together for the next few days.

Being alone is not always a bad thing.
In a world where we are always stimulated by an excess of information and interactions – moments that can offer points of clarity and serenity are incredibly rare.

But in those special moments – you can realign and re-centre, and you’ll find yourself acting with more clarity and purpose – which is all we can ask for.

Clarity and purpose.



  1. I’ve traveled alone most of the time — and no matter how many times I call myself an expert occasional loneliness happens (it’s normal). But there are great benefits too traveling and embracing solo flight. Glad you realized it too! 🙂

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