Today, we are making the long trek to where it all began in Tokyo.
Christina and I leave with a heavy heart – Miyajima has been an awesome experience, and we’ve met some incredible people on the road here.


And all the individual stories that I’ve heard, have all inspired and touched me in their own unique way.

People chasing a dream, a feeling, a goal.

I’m incredibly empathetic to that.
I mean, I am after all, living in that same space.
Who am I, in this new world?

And in the chase, there are moments of doubt, which make you question your dream and your actions.
What if I’m not good enough?
What if this is wrong?
What if I was wrong?

But I believe the universe speaks to us, and gives us signs when things are wrong, and when things are right.


For me, in my pursuit of a life in storytelling – the signs have been undeniable.
But I want to share one specific interaction that happened a couple days ago (at the time of writing), which to me was an undeniable sign that I am on the right path.

Social media – though the bane of my existence – has become integral to the life of any photographer.
And on this day, I was having a particular slow day on Instagram – not feeling any kinds of inspired.

Then, I received a message from a friend – who I honestly haven’t had a proper conversation with in a very long time (and that is not a reflection on them, more just the effects of time).

And he sent me a wonderfully touching message.


Now, I’m not writing this as a low key boast about how great I am.
The praise and love is secondary to the impact that I apparently made through my work.

How it inspired someone to actually do.
Which is why I decided to commit to this path in the first place.

Impact over reach.

And it seems that the universe has a strange way of reminding me that I am on the right path.
Because every time I get scared, someone somewhere in the world – be it an old friend from school or a Russian guy having a bad day – always reaches out and renews my confidence and self belief.
Not necessarily in myself, but in the message that I’m trying to share.

So thank you
To all of you
that read my stuff
that like my photos
that take the time out of your busy lives – to reach out and engage with me.

Know that I am eternally grateful, and will never take your attention for granted.



  1. Hi Ryan, thank your for stopping by and giving me a LIKE to my post. But since I stayed up late to make a post at my blog, I am off to bed. I have had a look at your blog, it blew my brain away, I will be at yours in the daytime. I love your your blog. Well good night for now and cheers!

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