Thank you to everyone who liked and engaged with my very first AMA WordPress session! I appreciate the attention and conversation ๐Ÿ™‚

So now let’s get to the answers!

Q1) From African Paradise World: How many countries have you visited so far?
First, thank you so much for your question! This is going to be a long answer – I’ve visited 15 countries:
~ Singapore (my country of birth but I’ve been back numerous times)
~ Australia (if you count me migrating here and travelling around)
~ Hong Kong
~ Malaysia
~ New Zealand

~ England
~ Ireland
~ Northern Ireland
~ Netherlandsย 
~ Belgium
~ China
~ Cambodia
~ Namibia
~ South Africa
~ Japan

Q2) From colletebytes: What did you enjoy most during your travels in Japan?
Thanks for the question – I love talking about Japan!
Two things stick out for me during my recent trip:

(i) The food
I REALLY LOVED THE FOOD! Japan was just an amazing place for gastronomy – my goodness, the ramen, karage, sashimi – it was just endless!! Being spoilt for choice becomes even better when the food is affordable! I feel that if you’re open to walking around and exploring hidden alleys – you can find some truly sensational food!

(ii) Meeting new people
Secondly, I met some incredible people – locals and travellers – who really fed into my own travel experience. I think there’s just so much we can learn from each other, and travelling with others and sharing life experiences can be incredibly beneficial!

Q3) From Rebecca: Most adventurous destination you’ve been to that forced you to challenge your comfort zone?
Thanks for the questions Rebecca – I love your site and content, incredibly insightful and comprehensive!

This is a difficult question to answer because I don’t often feel uncomfortable to be honest but I think I have one that could apply here.

When I visited South Africa, I found it difficult to internalise the fact that my standard of living (during my time in the country) was so much better than those around me. Let me explain. If you’ve read any of my Africa content you would understand that townships and the locals who live in them exist in close proximity to beautiful, picturesque gated communities (where I would be spending most nights with my friends family). And that for me was confronting – as a visitor I didn’t know how to negotiate that incredibly complex picture and it took sometime before I could digest the social structures that were at play.

Q4) From Rebecca: How do you decide where to go next?
I look for stories that interest me – then I follow them! Every single country I’ve visited has had certain cultural themes or landmark areas that I really want to explore and visit. So my destinations are often built on that – is there a story there that interests me, and can I tell it in a compelling way for my audience to also be interested in it!

Q5) From Rebecca: Future aspirations, e.g. career, next destination, etc.?
I really want to be a cultural writer and photographer – that’s the ultimate goal for me. I feel that culture itself has become so fragmented that we’ve forgotten it’s uniting purpose. That even though we may look, think, behave differently, there are underlying threads of commonality that make us more alike than different. So to be able to continue spreading that message would be incredible!

My next destination – well, I have a couple:
~ Iceland because the idea of such a wild and untouched country would be awesome to travel and immerse myself in
~ Myanmar because as they begin to open up their borders, the opportunity to document how culture evolves or remains would be interesting
~ Bhutan because it is one of the remaining Hermit kingdoms left and documenting life there would be such a rich experience
~ ALSO North Korea – but I want to live so maybe not…

AND I would love to do a shoot with Adidas – combining fashion and culture has always intrigued me, and how industry can be used as a vehicle for change!

AGAIN thank you all so much for your questions ๐Ÿ™‚
AMA Saturdays will be on next weekend again – but feel free to leave more questions in the comments of any piece, or email me ๐Ÿ™‚
And check out the content from the amazing people that left me questions – some incredibly rich and inspiring stuff there!

Featured image byย Chris Lawtonย onย Unsplash


  1. Glad to read your answers! At first, I thought I read that you visited 145 countries, which would be absolutely mind-blowing, but then I saw you meant 14/15 countries, I believe? Iceland is also high on my bucket list, and I hope to make it over sometime early next year for the Northern Lights. North Korea fascinates me, but I agree with you that it’s not the safest place to be at the moment. Looking forward to more posts from you!

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  2. Iceland is a fantastic place for photography. The geysers, the rugged terrain, the volcano fields, the whale watching. Take a warm jacket with you though…even during midnight sun summer, it can be chilly at times…certainly if going in winter to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), you will need gear for snow. But also, don’t forget your swimsuit for the amazing hot lagoons. The Blue Lagoon is popular with tourists in Reykjavik… I spent 5 hrs in it! ๐Ÿ˜„

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