Hello WordPress!

It’s been a crazy couple days, and I haven’t yet had an opportunity to share the news with all of you, but I was published in the Huffington Post on Friday.


It was an incredibly proud moment, and it was greeted with such an amazing response.

This was a culmination of a lot of time and work, propelled by the constant support and love from everyone who has come across this blog!

So thank you all so much, for being present and engaged!
Much love to you all 🙂

And if you wanna check out the post, you can suss it here:




      1. I heard Zimbabwe was amazing! I highly recommend South Ethiopia – don’t miss it, when I was there I don’t want to leave. Food is amazing too. How long you’ll be in Africa?

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  1. Great Post. You captured Namibia’s essence beautifully.
    I have been there once and it really hit me when, climbing a huge desert sand dune, I was suddenly facing the ocean lapping its edge. Dessicated seals lay before me…dried out like deflated balloons. A place of life and beauty juxtaposed with death and ugly reality.

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