Hello WordPress and Interwebs!
Just wanna say a quick thank you – for checking out my content, looking at my photos and engaging with my stories 🙂

I’m currently traveling through Japan (with minimal internet access / currently on Mount Koya – staying at a stunning but remote Buddhist monastery) so haven’t been able to properly put the blog pieces up.

You know how I love combining my photos and gifs with the written word!!

So, not wanting to put out hastily put together blog posts – I’m going to begin uploading here, the 1min vlogs I do on my Instagram (@ryan.chengg) – to still keep in touch with all of you!!

Then when I return home, I’ll begin putting out posts that give a more in depth insight into my time here in Japan and the Japanese cultural story!

Thank you all again for your love and support – especially those who follow this blog – I appreciate all of you so much!

Best wishes for the week ahead!


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