As the travel begins to slow down – I’m now looking for new opportunities in which my photographic muscles can be exercised.

Which is why when Sydney brand ‘This is Heaven’ and myself connected and discussed working on a couple of look books together – I couldn’t say no!

It is my great honour to announce that my first TIH look book is titled
Heaven is Home.

It pays homage to the brand and its founder Kevin – the way in which the brand was built up and the importance of home, in its success.

This look book, in its intended essence, was therefore shot at my own home – where my own photographic journey began!

View the entire look book here: Heaven is Home
And go check This is Heaven out, show them some love 🙂

This is Heaven
Instagram: @_thisisheaven



  1. Thanks for liking my post. I appreciate your visit. Congratulations on this project! I watched one of your Youtube videos and I liked the message at the end of it about how working hard to pursue your dreams wherever you are. Great positive message.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Why thank you!!! I really appreciate the kind words!
        I do instagram daily vlogs so maybe might move them onto the blog too!
        cant wait to read more of your work too!

        Liked by 1 person

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