As I’m writing this, I am on a flight, jet setting off to yet, another adventure.
(just for those who are interested, its Africa this time)

And on the flight I’ve just watched Arrival – so I guess this might be another movie review/rant (previous movie review/rant was Split).


Here’s the review bit (so we can just get that bit outta the way):
~ 4 stars


Now that’s done.

The movie (among other things – as all stories are multifaceted and complex, including your own story, yes you, the reader) is essentially aliens come to earth, and we have to work out how to communicate with them.

There are complications like nations not communicating and sharing information blah blah blah.


I won’t spoil it for you haha.

But I’ve always found the human intrigue with the concept of aliens incredibly interesting.
Like, is there actually anything out there.
And if in fact there was – how would go about communicating with them.

Like we send messages into space hoping that we get something in return.
Some sort of signal.
A sign of life.


But what I loved most about the film – and what got me thinking – was the idea of communication.

The linguistics lady person (Amy Adams) –


was able to reverse engineer the alien language; but I can only assume that if this fiction was to become reality, it mightn’t be that easy.

Then I thought about how we communicate with each other – and I wondered if the allegory of alien communication and its difficulties might actually be any different to real life.

We communicate through a tiny screen that fits in our pockets.
We communicate through emojis.
Through ever changing slang.


Then there’s language in itself, like that is an obvious barrier to communication:
Arabic ~ الإنسانية
Mandarin ~ 人类
Swedish ~ mänskligheten
English ~ Humanity

Its that thing – same same but different?


But worst of all, we rarely listen to each other.
There are agendas.
There’s fear.
There’s mistrust.


Sometimes its not that we can’t understand – its because sometimes we just don’t want to.

‘They are taking our jobs’ – ‘but they aren…’ – ‘no they are’


And if you reverse engineer why we – humans – communicate; its because we are natural storytellers.
Its how we share our joy
our triumphs
our pain
our sorrow.

Communication is our avenue for honesty.
But obviously, it can be manipulated – to tap into those areas of human vulnerability and channel misguided action.

Just pick up a history book.
The proof is in the work.


So I have no idea why we are so adamant on finding life beyond our world.
Because if we truly find nothing out there, we are all each other got.
And if we can’t even communicate honestly with each other – what makes us think we are gonna be able to do that with anything else.

But its not all doom and gloom.
I guess I’m just super introspective on planes or something – must be the altitude or air or plane food…
But hmmm – ways forward.


Tell someone you love them.
Let start there.

Featured image by Pim Chu on Unsplash

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